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If you’re not using Facebook Marketing…

Facebook has over 150,000,000 users in the U.S. People are living on Facebook, chatting with family and friends, interacting with companies they “like”.

For example, a local restaurant has 500 fans. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, each of those fans is connected to 100-500+ people. This means that the business with just 500 fans can be exposed to 50,000 or more local people.

If you’re not using Facebook Marketing, you’re competition probably is. We routinely show our clients how their competitor’s are doing and they are usually shocked. Their competitors may have 10 or 20 times as many fans who want them to send them special events and offers. Imagine being able to fill those slow times that a restaurant has by sending out an offer.

A powerful thing happens when a company uses Facebook properly to market their business. It starts to go viral. Their fans share with their family and friends what they like about a company. More and more people see that their friends like a certain company and start to prefer to give this business a chance.

If you’re not using Facebook Marketing, you’re missing out.

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